Reliable Partners Group Agents, Satch Davison and Greg Spears like to have a simple conversation with a prospective client. We really enjoying visiting with people at their homes or businesses.

When starting with a new client, we first discover what their prospective clients needs are. Whether that’s basic home, car, and life insurance; or more in-depth business, farm, etc. insurance. The discovery process for RPG Agents is just a simple conversation with the prospective client.

We start with them telling us their need to get home insurance for a new house they have purchase; or they need to lower their car insurance.

From there that’s where we ask questions like, could we quote more than 1 line of insurance to get them a multi-line discount or do they have a family that they need to carry life insurance for. We like to get basic info name, address birthdates to start the quote.

We really like visiting people at their homes or businesses because we get to see things we need to know like if they have a pool, if its above ground or inground, fenced, if they have dogs, etc.

There are a lot of small underwriting we can do in the “field” that we can do in person if we see it ourselves then we can get their current declaration pages to really help us see what they currently have and where we can see gaps in their coverage.

The declaration page also helps us when comparing coverages to show premium savings.

Once we have the information it is as simple as educating the client of where we can save them money, and where we can improve their insurance to better serve them.

The client decide if they would like to write their insurance with us it is usually just answering application questions that we maybe didn’t have the answers to. Example: Getting financial information like mortgages bank info for payments.

Business insurance is obviously just more in-depth questionings for the client from RPG Agents but is the same process as personal insurance. The questions are more in depth would be like complete business operation explanation, employee count, revenue, etc.

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